About Us


Crosswoods Development is dedicated to creating a distinctive lifestyle pedestrian-friendly community with a common culture.

Our Mission

By encouraging quality and attention to detail, Crosswoods Development works towards building a community with a school as the center and housing that reflects the multi-generational Crosslake community.

Crosswoods Development plans to provide a wide spectrum of housing including senior housing and townhomes to provide a wide variety of housing types and prices to include all of Crosslake’s diverse community.

Along with housing, Crosswoods Development plans to further develop the Crosslake Town Square to create a safe, walking friendly, park-scape village where kids can play, elderly can walk, and friends can gather on benches, creating a “sense of local connection.”

The upmost importance is to create an all inclusive neighborhood that would include retail, medical, grocery, golfing, boating, and connecting trails, sidewalks, and paths for various outdoor activities for Crosslake residents and visitors alike.

A. Crosslake Town Square
B. Splash Pad
C. Connectivity Channel Entrance
D. Pavilion, Bike Stations, Loon Monument
E. Whitefish Senior Living
G. Connectivity Channels & Educational Paths
H. Golf View Townhomes
I. Community School
J. Kodak Bridge
K. Restaurant / Pub / Bar
L. Outdoor Hockey Rink
M. National Loon Center
N. Shoreline Restoration, Kayak Stations & Public Docks

Our Team

James A. Anderson, CEO

Christine Davis, President

Leah N. Heggerston, Director of Development

John J. Sesin, Property Manager

Contact for Leasing Opportunities and Building Sales

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35770 Allen Ave. Suite #1, P.O. Box 642
Crosslake, MN 56442