The City of Crosslake covers 37 square miles with over 1/3 of this area covered by water. Crosslake is the only city directly located on the Whitefish Chain. The Whitefish Chain includes more than a dozen lakes including Cross Lake (the City’s namesake), Upper and Lower Whitefish Lake, Rush Lake, Island Lake, Loon Lake, Little Pine, Daggett, Arrowhead, Lower Hay, Bertha, Pig, Clamshell, and Trout Lake. But there are multiple lakes in addition to the Chain of Lakes. Some include Ox Lake, Duck Lake, Velvet Lake, Goodrich, O’Brien Lake and more. The lakes are the main attraction to this community. 40% of Crosslake is developed – most of that is shore land residential – and less than 5% is considered developed commercial.

Crosslake is located in Crow Wing County.
The Trade Area 2010 Population included the following counties:

  • Crow Wing County: 62,670
  • Cass County: 28,894
  • Total Trade Area Population: 91,564

Full time population for year round Crosslake residents is 2,406 as of July 1, 2017. But these numbers don’t truly represent the community. Crosslake has over 5,000 seasonal property owners. Their exact population is not known (anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000). The guests they invite is also unknown. Even Brainerd/Baxter estimated summer population explodes to more than 200,000 people!

Median age in Crosslake is 55.

The 35-55 year olds tend to be looked at as the new generation of community leaders and business owners. The largest growing age segment, however, includes ages 65-74.

2010 Median Household Income:

Crow Wing County: $47,702
Crosslake: $51,251

Crosslake US Army Corps of Engineers Campground and Recreational Area brings over 180,000 visitors every summer. They have direct walking access to the Crosslake Town Square.

There are 8 different public boat launches on the Whitefish Chain.

  • Boat Owners 94%
  • Own Dogs 65%
  • Snowmobile Owners 37%
  • Have Grandchildren 47%

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