Housing Research

Two privately funded studies completed in 2017 underscore the need for more housing in Crosslake. The first study was commissioned by a property management firm, DW Jones, Inc. The study concluded a known fact: there are very few apartment rentals in the area leaving a shortage to meet the demand. The study also reported additional demographic figures. The population of the study area increased by 10.9 percent between 2010 and 2017 and is projected to increase another 5.3 percent by 2022. Households have increased at a rate of 13.9 percent between 2010 and 2017 and are expected to increase another 6.6 percent by 2022.


Population Increase from 2010-2017


Projected Population Increase 2017-2022


Increase in Households 2010-2017


Projected Increase in Number of Households 2017-2022

Average household income is projected to increase from $50,495 in 2000 to $87,060 by 2022. The study reported that 73% of the area households have incomes in excess of 80% of the Crow Wing County median income.


Percentage of Households Making at Least 80% of Crow Wing County Median Income

Increase in
Household Income

  • Average Household Income 2000: $50,495
  • Projected Household Income 2022: $87,060

The second study, completed by AdMark Resources of Sartell, commissioned by Crosswoods Development, examined Senior Housing needs. The study found that persons over age 75 in the study area is growing and that 28% of these people have limitations with daily living tasks that would qualify them for assisted living housing. It also found the study area to be unique due to higher than average senior citizen incomes. “We have found in similar vacation areas… that even people with seasonal residences on a lake may elect to retire and move into a senior facility due to great memories from the past,” the study said.

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