Merchant Testimonials

We were the 1st Crosslake business to relocate into the Town Square, and have experienced much more traffic at this location than at our previous one. Our revenue has increased as well, probably due in part to the greater exposure at this location and the easier opportunities people have to stop in and shop.

Joe & Kristi Kraemer

Lakes Area Gallery & Frame Shoppe

I am very pleased with locating at the Town Square. We have had continuous sales growth since opening, and I see a bright future ahead. The weekly entertainment on Saturdays is a good asset to the community as well as to us.

Mark Loschko

Rafferty’s Pizza

I really like everything the Square has to offer. I love the personal nature and willingness to help.

Amber Peterson

Studio Posh

We’ve been here a long time (over ten years) and it’s been a great location for us. We are really looking forward to all the exciting new changes!

Christina Lapka

Lundrigan’s Clothing

The events and activities really draw people to the Square and people return later to shop. We see things getting better all the time.

Doreen & Scott Galloway

Passages of Time

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35770 Allen Ave. Suite #1, P.O. Box 642
Crosslake, MN 56442